Car Gadgets and accessories

1,USB Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter:Rs100
2,2.0mm Car Charger for Nokia N70,1200,5200 etc {Click here for a list}:Rs135

3,3.5mm Car Charger for Nokia 1100,7700,E70 etc {Click here for a list}:Rs125

4,Car Charger for Iphone,Ipod etc {Click here for a list}:Rs125

5,Universal Car Charger for Laptops :Rs425

6,Car FM,MP3 transmitter {Can be used with a USB pen-drive,SD and MMC cards} :Rs215
7,Multi USB Charger for mobile phones,mp3,pda etc.{Click here for a list}:Rs145
Can be used also with a Wall charger{+RS90OR Car Charger{+Rs90}

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Note:Some items can be sent via the Mauritius Post directly to your place with an additional cost of Rs45!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome list of useful gadgets inside the car. They really are pretty needed unlike other gadgets that are more like preferred as designs.

  2. Car accessories made car more attractive and good looking,some of accessories like mp4 players are frequently used in cars.

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