Other Gadgets and cables


1,MBC TNT Channels on your PC or Laptop,Decoder with antenna and remote control:Rs675
2,Solar charger for mobile phones,mp3,pda etc.:Rs395

3,Multi USB Charger for mobile phones,mp3,pda etc.{Click here for a list}:Rs145
Can be used also with a Wall charger{+RS90OR Car Charger{+Rs90}
4,Hdmi cable for PS3,Xbox 360 etc:Rs130

5,Jelly silicone rubber sports Multi color Wrist watch:Rs100
6,Credit card style Solar power calculator:Rs85
7,USB Worldwide Internet Radio TV Card player:Rs285
8,USB charger for NI-MH AA and AAA rechargeable battery:Rs110

9,Wall charger for NI-MH AA and AAA rechargeable battery:Rs160
Contact us on: ans.ros93@yahoo.com or on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/ans.rostone

Contact us for any enquiry and to know if items available in store

Note:Some items can be sent via the Mauritius Post directly to your place with an additional cost of Rs45!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. do you sell external chargers for nokia?

  2. Hi,
    Do you sell mini jack av for jvc tv?

  3. Wanted to purchase a solar battery charger for mobile. But don't know how to purchase. Help!

  4. Any HDMI to rca convertors ?

  5. I want tu purchase wifi adapter to hdmi for tv