Computer,Laptop accessories and Networking


Cheap items for sale in Mauritius

Items always available anytime:

1,Mouse for PC,laptop or tablet,with led light inside:Rs125

2,Wireless Mouse for PC,laptop or tablet(Black or white):Rs340

32,China web camera for PC or Laptop,with microphone and light:Rs250

4,Microphone for PC or Laptop,flexible one:Rs120

5,Bluetooth dongle for PC or Laptop,compatible with Windows 7:Rs100
6,MicroSd,MMC Card reader:Rs115

7,MBC TNT Channels on your PC or Laptop,Decoder with antenna and remote control:Rs650

8, WiFi dongle for PC or Laptop:Rs395

9,,4 Port USB Hub for PC,Laptop,Notebook etc:Rs120

10,USB Audio 5.1 channel Sound Card:Rs165

11,USB 7.1 channel Sound Card:Rs200

12,USB Ethernet LAN Network Adapter:Rs225

13,Headphone with Microphone for PC,Laptop,MP3 etc..:Rs200

14,Universal Car Charger for Laptops :Rs425
15,2 fan fold able USB Laptop PC Cooling Cooler Pad:Rs160

16,Mini USB Keyboard vacuum cleaner:Rs125
17,USB 3 LED flexibly Metal lamp light:Rs100
18,USB Worldwide Internet Radio TV Card player:Rs285
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Note:Some items can be sent via the Mauritius Post directly to your place with an additional cost of Rs45!!!!!!


  1. Can i know the mode of payment please?

  2. how do i order for an item..., where do i make the cash payment and what's the procedure for delivery???

  3. I need a second hand monitor, is it possible to get one?

  4. I need a second hand monitor, is it possible to get one?

    1. I can let you have , 19" Viewsonic Rs 1800