Monday, October 24, 2011

83% of the Reunion population say no to Sarkozy


According to the latest Ipsos barometer - the Journal of the island made from September 29 to October 8, 83% of respondents speak out clearly against the re-election of Nicolas Sarkozy next year. Only 11% still favor Reunion victory.
This is the first lesson of this new public opinion survey conducted by Ipsos Indian Ocean. We find in particular that the head of state is losing ground investigation after investigation while he concentrates on his unhappy name. In just over four years in office, Nicolas Sarkozy has failed to return a Reunion electorate that has never been favorable. This sixth barometer of popularity, following the Senate, is cruel to the right: its leader, Robert Didier, continues to lose ground, while Jacqueline Farreyrol literally collapsed in the opinion. The left is not necessarily better off. In our survey, only Nassimah Dindar Huguette Bello and far exceed the 60% approval rating even if their rating is crumbling.

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