Sunday, October 30, 2011

Afghanistan: Thirteen foreigners killed in an attack in Kabul


"Five soldiers from the NATO International Security Assistance (ISAF) and eight civilian employees died after a suicide car bomb in Kabul today," said their staff in a statement.
The Canadian military has indicated that one of his men were among the killed. The Pentagon, which had initially indicated that all victims of ISAF were American, then announced that their identities would be verified. For its part, the Afghan Interior Ministry reported three civilians and one policeman killed.
The attack was claimed by the Taliban, who indicated having used a 4x4 vehicle carrying 700 kg of explosives. He was committed to Darulaman, neighborhood west of the city, near the National Museum and the former royal palace, now in ruins.
The area covered is also home to several ministries and foreign military bases and the Afghan National Army (ANA).
"Our common enemy continues to use suicide bombers to kill innocent Afghans fathers-mothers, daughters and son-as well as coalition members who have volunteered to protect them," laments General John Allen, Commander of ISAF, in a statement.
The United States remains determined to pursue "aggressive chasing the enemy," he also said a spokesman for Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta.
In Paris, the French government condemned "with the utmost firmness" the attack. "France salutes the memory of soldiers of the allied countries that have sacrificed their lives in the context of the ISAF mission to bring peace to Afghanistan."
France reaffirms its determination to support, with partners, the recovery of Afghanistan and its mobilization to eradicate the scourge of terrorism, " said Bernard Valero, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said in a statement .
Three Australians and an Afghan interpreter were also killed in Uruzgan province in the south, by a man in the uniform of the Ana, officials said in Kandahar.
A suicide committed by a teenager was also injured several others on the staff of the National Directorate of Security in Kunar province.
Despite the presence of more than 130,000 foreign troops on Afghan soil, the violence has never been more important since the beginning of foreign intervention, there are more than ten years.
Many in the south and east, the attacks are relatively rare in the Afghan capital.
In mid-September, however, Islamist militia have launched a major operation in the direction of the Embassy of the United States and HQ ISAF has made a dozen killed.
The administration of President Hamid Karzai and his Western allies are preparing for the withdrawal, expected by the end of 2014, all fighting forces to ISAF.
Many Afghans are skeptical that the national forces are able to resist the Taliban and fear only to revive the civil war.

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