Wednesday, October 26, 2011

At Rodrigues, a man died after being stabbed by his neighbor


A 49 year old man died of his wounds on the night of Tuesday, October 25. He was admitted to hospital Heart-breaker since October 19 after being stabbed by his neighbor.
What seemed to be a "trivial dispute", according to the aggressor, finally turned to tragedy for a man to 49 years.Farla Israel, a resident of Rodrigues was admitted to hospital in Heart-breaker on October 19, was seriously wounded in the abdomen following an argument with his neighbor.
He had been bitten by the dog of the victim earlier. He has also criticized for not keeping the pet in his court.
A fierce argument broke out between two men, and they came to blows. The assailant then took a knife to attack his neighbors in the abdomen. It was immediately taken to hospital by his relatives.
The injured man passed away on the night of Tuesday, October 25. An autopsy on the victim revealed that she died as a result of sepsis.
The suspect, meanwhile, was arrested by the police. He appeared in court where a provisional charge of murder was lodged against him. It will appear once again in court next week.

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