Thursday, October 20, 2011

Benefits of investing in Mauritius

There are a lot of advantages in investing in Mauritius. The economy of the country is stable and the graph of the economy and business is one the rise for a considerable period of time. The Mauritius government has undertaken a sequence of strategic measures to support its course into offshore banking, manufacturing and financial services, communication, technology and tourism keeping in mind the significance of foreign investment as a basis of nourishment of the financial development.

There are various factors that influence financiers to invest in Mauritius, like accessibility of skilled labor, political constancy, and venture-friendly institutions and regulations. One of the major factors for the development of Mauritius is the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The government of Mauritius has given all the necessary support to create the most favorable investment setting by the following steps:
  • Building modern infrastructure
  • Endorsing suitable legislations
  • Commencing packages of investment inducements
  • Investing in human capital
The financiers interested to invest in the country should contact the Board of Investment, which was established in March, 2001 under the Investment Promotion Act with an aspiration to proffer a new momentum to overseas direct investment. The Board of Investment (BOI) functions under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance. The BOI is the summit association for the facilitation and endorsement of investment in Mauritius and the organization kindles the expansion, augmentation and extension by upholding the country as a challenging commerce and service hub.

Some of the advantages of investing in Mauritius are as follows:
  • High-quality infrastructure with superb transportation
  • Democracy and a steady government
  • Free market financial system fastened on export slanting activities
  • Excellent system of sea and air transport
  • High standard of living, good international schools
  • A highly educated, bilingual and responsive work force
  • Knowledgeable financial segment providing outstanding services
  • Constructive market contact and good inducements
Some of the services of the Board of Investment are as follows:
  • Providing custom-made information for the introduction of business in Mauritius
  • Counseling on investment chances in Mauritius
  • Recognition of joint scheme partners
  • Organization of modified conferences and visits
  • Help for work permits, licenses and clearances
  • Assistance with site locations and production facilities
The Mauritius Board of Investment is viewed both internationally and locally as a tactical partner for any investor hoping to gain from the flourishing trading sector of Mauritius. In the country there are outstanding openings for investment in various sectors. The leather industry in Mauritius is a major area, which welcomes investment. The country is also working to attract investors in the fields of jewelry industries, diamond cutting and watch making. To attract foreign investors, the Mauritian government has given assured enticements like:
  • On dividends no tax is to be given
  • On equipment and raw materials too it is not required to give sales tax, customs or duty.
  • Gratis return of profits, bonus and funds
  • There is no capital expansion in tax
  • 50 % release on individual income tax for emigrant employees

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