Saturday, October 29, 2011

International Day of Kreol: Tribute to the past and recognition of a language

As part of the World Day of the language and the Creole culture, the Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture wanted to pay tribute to the past of Mauritius, develop language and Creole culture.
We must remember his past to move forward in life. With this in mind that the Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture opened a Creole village Friday, October 28. A place recalling the lives of ancestors and their culture.
Danielle Turner, president of the cultural center says it is important to remember that " the Creole community has helped build in Mauritius and there are values ​​to be " . However, she said that should not be locked in its past, but to take it as a springboard to move forward in life. At the opening ceremony of the Creole village, the Minister of Arts and Culture Mookeshwar Choonee was keen to emphasize that the Creole language, unlike many other languages, gaining more and more notoriety. " Kill a language is to kill a culture. While the world of 3000 listed 6,000 languages ​​are dying out. But we note that Mauritius, Kreol is recognized. There are even Kreol Speaking Union is there to allow the language to survive , "says Mookeshwar Choonee. The Creole village offers to visit houses of the slaves. Houses made ​​of straw and wood whose floor is formed of earth. It was also the time to make a nod to old trades such as carpentry or embroidery. The Minister of Gender Equality Mireille Martin and the Parliamentary Private Secretary, Dawn Perrault were also invited to the opening ceremony of the Creole village. Minitre for Martin, this village was the opportunity to relive childhood memories. "These activities give visitors the chance to discover the customs of the past.It is a wealth that should be discovered by all Mauritians. I felt projected into the past and it feels good , "a-such support.Aurore Perrault said she appreciates all that helps to reinforce a culture. "  Valuing a culture builds an entire country.We all win when the culture and language is grateful u, "she said. The event also hosted an exhibition of modern art by Jean-Fran├žois Dorze offering photographs and tables. The project also captivated visitors.

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