Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is Moammar Gadhafi better than DSK?


Moammar Gadhafi was known for surrounding himself with women he considered pretty. Here are some of the many occasions on which Gadhafi made the news for his female associations:
Virgin Bodyguards
Gadhafi's security force consisted of a highly trained team of virgin bodyguards. Women's Military Academy graduates, the bodyguards followed a strict training regimen. Gadhafi himself selected the women who would serve. The bodyguards' skills included flying fighter jets, hand-to hand combat, and use of weapons.
Gadhafi's female bodyguards foreswore marriage and sexual relationships. Called the "Sweet 72," the bodyguards were required to undergo female circumcision, according to Blitz. Some former guardsreported being raped by Gadhafi and his sons.
Gadhafi first married a school teacher named Fatitha with whom he had a single son, Muhammad. The short-lived marriage lasted only six months.
Gadhafi subsequently married Safia, mother to his additional seven children, six sons and a daughter.
Gadhafi's 5 Ukrainian Nurses
Wherever Gadhafi went, he had a Ukrainian nurse by his side. The nurses, who rotated shifts to care for him, all called him "Daddy." Galyna Kolotnytska was Gadhafi's was one of the Ukrainian nurses. So too was Oksana Balanskaya. Balanskaya told CNN, "Daddy gave us jobs, money and a good life."
Women On the Road
When Gadhafi traveled internationally, he was known to ask foreign governments to send him large numbers of women. On one occasion, he demanded 500 attractive Italian girls. But his attentions were anything but amorous; he converted the girls to Islam and gave them copies of the infamous Green Book in which he published his political philosophy.
On an official visit to Paris in 2007, Gadhafi asked the government to provide him 1,000 attractive French women. Once again, his goal seemed not amorous but political and religious.
Gadhafi Invites Models to Libya
Last year, Gadhafi invited 20 Italian models to Libya for an all-expenses paid vacation. The women said they were treated like "queens" and sex was not part of the deal. Instead they drank camel's milk and ate palm dates with Gadhafi and engaged in light conversation.
-Please note that the DSK affair was not confirmed byUSA

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