Thursday, October 27, 2011

Libya: Sharia to resolve the ranks


Westerners seem astonish the return of Islamic law in Libya. But the CNT was really a choice?Explanations of Akram Belkaïd in SlateAfrique. Excerpts.
 "Any law that contradicts the precepts of Islam will be considered illegal. The law governing marriage and divorce in Libya (which prohibits polygamy, ed) is illegal and will be repealed because it contradicts the Shariah, "warned Mustafa Abdeljalil, the chairman of Libyan National Transition Council (CNT) , in a speech proclaiming the "liberation of Libya" Sunday.
Completed so the time was in March, where members of the CNT to promise an all-Paris enamored that they would "establish a civil and secular state." As a result, many commentators are outraged that "treason." "How? All these efforts, the military intervention of NATO, all that Libya will become Islamic? "
Maintain cohesion
It should first be noted that on several occasions, the CNT has indicated that its proposed future constitution for Libya is inspired by the precepts of the Koran and Sharia. Then it's a secret that the CNT is difficult to reach consensus to form a transitional government. Many regionalist tendencies, tribal and political object. Thus the current Islamist threat to no longer recognize the legitimacy of the CNT.
So, the declaration of Abdeljalil is nothing but a concession to protect the cohesion of a body increasingly criticized.Moreover, these divisions also explain why the Libyan leader has formally requested, at the meeting of "friends of Libya" in Doha, Qatar, that NATO continue its operations until at least the end of the year as the Alliance planned to retire at the end of October. "The presence of NATO is a guarantee of survival of the CNT. Abdeljalil is afraid that some factions feel grow wings after its withdrawal, "confirms a Tunisian diplomat. Indeed, it is hard to understand why the presence of the alliance would also be necessary when Qaddafi's troops were defeated and that the former "guide" has been the fate is known.
In addition, the reference to the Sharia is a way for the new Libyan authorities to try to forget they are in power only by the grace of foreign intervention and therefore largely non-Muslim West. To date, Arab public opinion remains very ambiguous with respect to the CNT. If the fall of Gaddafi has been widely welcomed the intervention of NATO continues to be no longer welcome.
A nationalist argument above
This procedure is even put forward to criticize the new government accused Libya of being a mere residual of the West again worked by neocolonial ambitions. In affirming the Muslim character of the future Libyan legislation, the president of the CNT has finally resorted to an argument not only religious but also and especially nationalist.Similarly, it is also a way for him to thank the Arab countries who have supported from the beginning and we see them resent the new Libya is a secular state and civil.
"In this regard, we welcome the comment of French researcher Didier Billion, which surprised that the application, often in the strict sense of the Sharia in the (very) rich Gulf countries does not cause any criticism in the West from the very people who scream of outrage because of Abdeljalil About ... "concludes the author.
Source: Africa Slate

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