Thursday, October 27, 2011

Madagascar: six names for the post of prime minister


According to a joint statement of the HAT and ambassador of South Africa, the name of the new prime minister will be revealed Friday. Rajoelina has made its final choice of six names.
And the winner is ... The suspense will end tomorrow (October 28) on behalf of the new prime minister to succeed Albert Camille Vital whose "mandate" has expired since his resignation made inevitable by the implementation of the crisis in SADC.
Of the fifteen candidates for departure, the president of the HAT has made a final selection of six candidates. These are probably those who have spent a second consultation at the request of Rajoelina after contact. The meeting ended yesterday in accordance with the Road Map which gives the president of the HAT until November 1 to decide.
For now, it is difficult to uncover the lucky. What is certain is that he will select from Monique Andreas Esoavelomandroso Jose Rakotomavo, Botozaza Pierrot, Pierrot Rajaonarivelo and Charles Sylvain Rabotoarison. The old and the first Prime Minister of the Transition, Monja Roindefo would have been among the survivors, only to be recalibrated after a second consultation inconclusive. Monique Andreas Esoavelomandroso and Sylvain Rabotoarison would favor the prognosis.
The first as the only woman in the lot and given its national and international routes. His only crime was to be the wife of the national president of the party leader Fanilo, pro-Rajoelina. The second (Sylvain Rabotoarison) for serving as well as Ratsiraka Ravalomanana as a minister. He is the one who fills the more the idea of consensus among the candidates. Moderate and humble, he is not one of personalities known for their " greed "and has never been involved in trafficking stories, writes L'Express de Madagascar on Thursday. Disability and be a soldier. Even in retirement that always gives the Troika urticaria
Source: L'Express de Madagascar.

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