Monday, October 24, 2011

Mayotte: Government Appoints Mediator


The Minister for Overseas, Marie-Luce Penchard, announces the appointment of a mediator in Mayotte for discussions on the prices of basic necessities, thereby accessing a request of the unions of this department in crisis for a month.
The Minister for Overseas Territories, Marie-Luce Penchard, announced Saturday the appointment of a mediator in Mayotte for discussions on the prices of basic necessities, as claimed by the unions of the island in crisis for a month.In a letter to the unions of Mayotte, the Minister states that the mediator will visit the island on Monday "to attend the next observatory of prices and incomes" . These Stanislas Martin, Manager of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF).
"Mr. Martin will be responsible to prepare a report making a diagnosis on the formation of prices of basic necessities to Mayotte, " the statement added. This diagnosis can then be added, as a basis for negotiations the prices.
The shops open their doors 
For the first time in three weeks, the shops were open normally on Saturday. Thousands of customers flocked to stores, primarily supermarkets, sometimes with some tension in the queues. Some had arrived at 5:00 for a 8:00 opening. Mobile policemen intervened in the vicinity of several large areas to control the flow of consumers.

March in support
They were a hundred on the waterfront in Saint-Denis, to participate Saturday morning in a march in support of the population mobilized against high prices in recent weeks in Mayotte (PHOTO). At the invitation of the young group "Mayotte in Action", the community of Saint-Denis Mahoran and various union officials and association meetings have marched behind the French flag.
 "We are here to support our brothers in Mayotte, not to make policy but to find solutions and pray for our deceased brother , " said Abdulrazak, member of the collective action in Mayotte.

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