Saturday, October 29, 2011

MedPoint: "I did not touch a rupee of dividend since 1993," said Rashid Beebeejaun


Deputy Prime Minister, Rashid Beebeejaun, who is also a shareholder of the company that owns the clinic provides MedPoint have nothing affected in the sale of the hospital to the State at a cost of Rs 144.7 million.
Rashid Beebeejaun finally released from his reserve. Few words about his actions in the clinical MedPoint, the No. 2 government decided to explain. On the occasion of a visit to the site of the dam of Valetta, Friday, October 28, the Minister of Public Service has indulged in confidences to Radio One, saying he had not touched a single rupee dividend in 1993. Shareholder in the clinic through Jugnauth clan society MedInvest, Rashid Beebeejaun, who is also a doctor, said he had not received money from the sale of the property in the State cost of Rs 144.7 million December 29, 2010. "I have invested in MedPoint in 1992 or 1993 but I never touched. Zero. At a time when I speak, it's zero ... "he stressed. However, the main shareholder, Dr. Krishan Kumar Malhotra, brother of the former Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth , did not fail to transfer of Rs 15,500,000 Rs 144,701,300 that has affected the account of his wife, Shalini, December 30, the day after payment and before the deadline for exemption from tax on the gain. This is frowned upon by other shareholders who complained that they had not seen the color of their money and claiming that Rs 120 million placed in fixed deposit in Baroda Bank is transferred under any circumstances.The request also applies to the interest garnered over the last ten months. It was reiterated to the MedPoint Ltd. August 23, is the desire of shareholders to receive their due eighteen years later. MedPoint Ltd. The company has 19 shareholders. They are Dr. Malhotra (32.57%), his wife Shalinee (23.59%), the State Investment Corporation (13.56%), SICOM (5.42%), Sir Tseng Chi Lu (3.49 %), Tseng Yung (3.49%), Deramann Ltd (3.18%), International Medical Advisory and Consultancy Services (2.71%), Textile Industries Ltd (2.22%), Civil Society Medigroup Dr. Dinassing (1.49%), Grovehill Companies (1.36%), which Rashid Beebeejaun Medinvest Company is a shareholder (1.36%), Abdullasonco Ltd (1.36%), Mikensy Company (1.36%), the Estate Dr C. Narrainen Pillai (0.81%), Seagull Insurance (0.81%), Currimjee Ltd (0.75%), Dr. Jean Pierre Vaulbert Chantilly (0.45%) and Pravind Jugnauth (0.01%).

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