Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MedPoint matter: the check of Rs 144, 7 million already collected

The check of Rs 144, 7,000,000, issued by the State on December 29 for the acquisition of the former clinic MedPoint in the project geriatric hospital, has already been cashed. This was announced in the National Assembly this afternoon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.Xavier-Luc Duval made ​​the clarification in the debate on the Supplementary Appropriation (2010) Bill. "The check cashed HAS Already Been," he said.The acquisition of MedPoint, as is known, is at the center of a controversy after an investigation of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) into allegations of conflict of interest surrounding the acquisition of this former clinic by the State. The former Minister of Health, Maya Hanoomanjee, and the former finance minister and leader of the MSM, Pravind Jugnauth, were provisionally charged in connection with this investigation. Highlight at the parliamentary session today: Pravind Jugnauth wanted the item regarding the acquisition of MedPoint for the proposed geriatric hospital is removed from the Supplementary Appropriation (2010) Bill. He made ​​a request for there to be a "divisionnal vote." Clearly, he wanted each member to make known its position to say whether it is favorable or not that this item be removed from the Supplementary Appropriation (2010) Bill. With the exception of the member of the OPR Rodrigues, Francisco Francis, who abstained, voted in the opposition bloc that this item be removed from the Supplementary Appropriation (2010) Bill. But there was unanimity on the government side that this item is not removed. Pravind Jugnauth's motion was therefore rejected by 36 votes against 29.

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