Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nita Deerpalsing criticizes Paul Berenger for his support of the motion of Pravind Jugnauth


The spokeswoman for the Labour Party (PTR) is shocked that Pravind Jugnauth a motion on the case MedPoint Parliament. She says she is "extremely surprised" that Paul Bérenger has chosen to second the motion.
After Pravind Jugnauth in the early morning, Nita Deerpalsing commented at length approach the Leader of the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) in Parliament last Tuesday. He had tried to block the creation of a budget provision to cover the acquisition of clinical Medpoint cost of Rs 144.7 million. At the press conference of the governing alliance, this Saturday, October 29, the Director communication of the NTP argued that the opposition leader has surprised everyone by supporting the motion by Pravind Jugnauth. "This is the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM), which first scandal of the century. Under these conditions, it is extremely surprising that Paul Bérenger decides to support the motion of Pravind Jugnauth in parliament , "said Nita Deerpalsing. It also describes the initiative of Pravind Jugnauth " shocking attitude . " Nita Deerpalsing recalled that Pravind Jugnauth who approved the disbursement of this sum in a letter dated December 23, 2010 and bearing his signature. " The administrative immediate consequence of this letter is the creation of the budget provision that denies Pravind Jugnauth. And now it's the same person who came to ask that this provision be removed from the Supplementary Estimates of Expenses in 2010 , "Nita Deerpalsing protests. The head of communications Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD), Lindsay Morvan, a For his part, commented on the budget provided for 2012 Friday, November 4. He expressed confidence that its leader, Xavier Luc Duval, the current Minister of Finance, through this exercise will empower the country to face the financial crisis that is shaking right now our main Western markets.

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