Saturday, October 29, 2011

Berenger, "The MMM will be present in all districts if remake 2000"

The Political Bureau of the MMM decided unanimously to go ahead with the remake MMM / MSM in 2000. Paul Berenger stated at a press conference this Saturday, October 29. The Leader of the Opposition insisted that in the event of a remake, the MMM will be present in all districts but said that discussions on the distribution of tickets have not yet started. However, Paul BĂ©renger has supported no "decision has been made ​​on a possible remake of 2000 at this stage." The leader of the MMM was keen to refute some reports in the press these days about this. "Any decision on the remake must first be ratified in the Assembly of Delegates of MMM," ​​says he. For Paul Berenger, "as soon as the government will end up in the minority, the better for the country." "We are dealing with an illegitimate government that relies on two defectors and PMSD. There is a 'mood' of uncertainty and instability that is very bad for the country especially since we're on the eve of the budget, "says he. Medpoint Commenting on the case, Paul Berenger said that the amount that the State has paid for the purchase of the clinic Medpoint is still in the country and not abroad as Prime Minister says he decries the "contradictions." "According to my information , Rs 15 million have been paid to the account of Shalini Malhotra at the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and Rs 120 million are on a bank account Baroda in Mauritius. These two accounts were frozen, "said he.The leader of the MMM is seeking clarification on this point and wants to know if steps were taken to recover the money. "Navin Ramgoolam seems, however, have no desire to recover the money and shed light on this whole affair. Instead, it is doing the "cheap politics" to score points, "he insists. Paul Berenger is back on the scandal of the Cheque Truncation System (CTS) of the Bank of Mauritius. He deplored such "hypocrisy" and "bad faith" of the Bank of Mauritius on the subject. "In a statement, the BoM suggests that it gave all the information on this subject to the then Minister of Finance or Pravind Jugnauth, but it did not disclose the information. But Pravind Jugnauth told the National Assembly that he was advised by the Bank of Mauritius that this information is confidential and can not be disclosed to the public. " The leader of the MMM raises other questions. "Why the Bank of Mauritius Has not launched a tender in 2010 as she did in 2008? "Asks he. Especially, he says, that the company was awarded the contract does not specialize in this type of project. Paul Berenger therefore appeal to the Prime Minister to order the Bank of Mauritius to launch another tender exercise. "This is about millions of rupees," he says. Paul Berenger also referred to the "anger" and "widespread outrage" in Rodrigues. "The Local Gouvernment Bill represents a genuine attempt to sabotage the autonomy of Rodrigues." It recommends that Navin Ramgoolam to act quickly to "calm things down" and "reassurance Rodrigues."

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