Monday, October 31, 2011

Prime Minister Ramgoolam at Victoria Hospital to inquire about the health of Leela Devi-Dookun Luchoomun

The Prime Minister, who returned to Mauritius this morning with a mission of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia, visited the Victoria Hospital in the morning to inquire about the status of health of the member of the MSM, Leela Devi-Dookun-Luchoomun. Navin Ramgoolam was accompanied by foreign minister, Arvin Boolell, who is also returned from his mission this morning. The elect of No 8 (Moka / Quartier Militaire) is still admitted to the intensive care unit after she was seriously injured Saturday afternoon in a traffic accident that occurred in Phoenix. Leela Devi-Dookhun Luchoomun was driving his Toyota, which has been off the road before ending his race against a parapet.With multiple head injuries, she underwent a long and delicate surgery on the night of Saturday. At last, it is always " Under ventilation . " The police looked at the Toyota this morning to determine the circumstances of the accident. A report is expected in the coming days. 

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