Sunday, October 30, 2011

Private tuitions: The GTU determined to mobilize its members against "Teacher Bashing"


For Vinod Seegum, President of the Government Teachers' Union, "the Minister of Education can not prevent parents to make choices regarding the education of their children."
At the meeting this Saturday morning, union returned to the Enhancement Program of the Department, to say there is no question that the teachers agree that a school day ends at 17 hours.
According to Vinod Seegum with the project the Minister Vasant Bunwaree primary institutions of the country will become "institutional care". According to him, to accept the Enhancement Program, the authorities conducting the "Teacher Bashing," a process that has GTU fight. More so that "lessons are installed in the habits of Mauritians and teachers bear no responsibility."
Recall that the Minister of Education responded yesterday, Friday, Oct. 28, against criticism about the Enhancement Program, including responding to criticisms What made both the opposition MP Steve Obeegadoo Vinod Seegum the union.
Obeegadoo Steve said during the parliamentary session of Tuesday, October 25, with this program to support extracurricular student of Standard IV, the Minister of Education had "used an anti-democratic process."
For the Minister of Education Steve Obeegadoo critics are "of demagogy." Before starting: "The debate was already there. That one does not come to interfere with the government for a project that was applauded by all. "
Concerning the prohibition of private lessons in Standard IV, Vasant Bunwaree says it starts with that class and that the primary itself will be revised to divide it into three stages. The Standard I and II combined into one step, the Standard III and IV and a second tranche of Class V Standard CPE component and the final stage.

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