Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rezistans ek Alternativ to the Privy Council: decision in six weeks

The appeal of Rezistans ek Alternativ to the Privy Council in London, about 104 people who refused to give their ethnicity in the last elections of May 5, 2010, was heard Wednesday, October 26. After two days of argument, the Law Lords announced that they will decide in six weeks. " This is a historic first win for Rezistans ek Alternativ Blok and the 104. "Subron About Ashok, activist Rezistans ek Alternativ Blok and 104, which is currently in London and was heard by the Law Lords. They have argued at the hearing that a trial " important and interesting . " If the members of Rezistans ek Alternativ consider it a first battle won, but they must wait at least six weeks to determine the verdict of the Law Lords. Ahnee Michel, one of the lawyers Rezistans ek Alternativ, considers, for its part, the appeal of Rezistans ek Alternativ to the Privy Council of Queen is the freedom of conscience. " Anyone interested in being a candidate in parliamentary elections in Mauritius, is imperative to rank a list of four communities. But what about those who are not found in these four communities? Hence the reason for this fight , "he said. " The current electoral system violates freedom of conscience of every individual living in Mauritius and we hope to end this , "said Michel Ahnee. At present, anyone wishing to stand as candidates in elections General must mention his membership in a community, as indicated by the legislation. However May 5, 2010, date last election 104 people had objected to this rule and could not take part in legislation. They had subsequently decided to use the Supreme Court which dismissed their application. They decided to appeal to the Privy Council.

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