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Visiting Mauritius:Weather in MRU


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Mauritius is well known for its tropical climatic conditions which are mostly 12months of sunny days even it is supposed to have two seasons: winter and summer.
These two seasons consist of seven months of hot, dry summer from November to May and five months of dry winter from June to October. The island is made up of a Central Plateau of about 500 metres above sea level and a Coastal Plain. The winter temperature varies from 22° C to 26° C on the Coastal Plain and 17° C to 26° C on the Central Plateau and in the summer days the temperature can climb to 35°C on the Coastal Plain whilst the Central Plateau it rarely goes above 27° C.


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It can be said that the average sunny day through out the island is 7 days per week. In summer the sun rises at 5.00am and sets at 19hrs and in winter the sun rises at 6am and sets at 17.30. The climate is so good through out the year that it makes holiday people just jump out their bed to experience outdoor sports like surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and excursions in sea can be practiced through out the year. It is advisable to use sun protection products with UVA-filter agents to avoid sunburn

Raining period:

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The rainfall varies from region to region in the island. There are days in summer season from December to April when there is much rain on the Central Plateau which sometimes gives rise to humidity and can be unpleasant; Between December and April the humidity is the highest with a breeze on the coastal line. It may happen that during bad weather rain continues during 3 or 4 consecutive days
Sea water temperature:
The sea water temperature is pleasant throughout the year. It reaches 27°C in summer and 22°C in winter.

Weather Station Mauritius

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In the review of the past Weather information from our private weather station.
We put Two Graphic together, one with the coldest day per Month and Year And one with the hottest Days in Mauritius Island.
As you can see, the Coldest Month is July with 16.1C° and in summer it go’s up till, 22C°!
coldest days mauritius 300x231 Mauritius Weather review
And here the Graphic with the Hottest Days on the Paradise Island Mauritius. In July it gets 25.7C° and in Summer Time up to 32C°.
hottest days mauritius 300x231 Mauritius Weather review

Cyclonic period:

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In Mauritius there is a cyclonic period which occurs normally in summer season between November and April. The cyclones with strong winds and heavy rain can last for three or four days and it is advisable to listen to all the cyclone warnings and abide by the advice broadcast. Mauritius has been visited by some really violent cyclones; history has kept record of one such cyclone in 1872 and some people still remember that of 1945 and many more have bad memories of Carol in 1960. Mauritius has not suffered from any violent cyclones lately but it can happen any time.

Mauritius Weather Review- Conclusion

930  320x240 mauritius weather review Mauritius Weather review

I believe the best Travel Time to Mauritius is from October till end or mid November.
The climate is really comfortable, not to hot and not to cold.
The Water is around 24.4 – 25.5C° and Temperature during the Day is ~ 28C° – 30C° max. and at Night 17C° – 19C°.
And as the Cyclone time is from November till April, Your should be really save, NOT to getting into a Cyclone.
The amount of rain Days are very Little, with average only 2 days a Month!
Humidity is lowest for the Year, with only 76% and with 8.5 Sun Hour per Day, the highest rate again.

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