Thursday, November 17, 2011

15 years of Caudan Waterfront: A whole month of activities to thank its visitors


1996 to 2011. It's been 15 years since the Caudan Waterfront welcomes visitors. This year, to mark his birthday, this place mall, anchored at the port, offers a month of activities. The activities begin on November 26 and ended on the night of December 30.
Let's Celebrate ! ". This is the slogan adopted by the promoters of Caudan the Caudan Development Ltd. For the Christmas season and to mark the 15th anniversary of its opening, a series of events such as festivals, competitions atypical or changing environment will be organized. A schedule with a busy first activities begin November 26 Plants with a Festival and Flavours and ice sculpture competition, innovation in Mauritius. " The competition will take place on the walkway of Caudan. Artists sculpt there and show their work to the melting of ice , "said Mayer Rivaltz, Events and Promotion Manager at Caudan. Then the 29 to 30 November, the esplanade of Caudan host "The Christmas market Solidarity "a space that used to sell Christmas decorations made ​​by Ong. On 5 December, the feast extends to the streets of the capital with the Carnival Caudan. " characters dressed parade from the center of Port-Louis to Caudan. The public is invited to join the carnival to be held from 11 to 15 hours , "says Mayer Rivaltz.Meanwhile, another event the public is waiting near the casino. Jackpots to be won until December 8. The following week, several artists will invade the walkway, until December 11. From December 12 to 20, with Christmas approaching, the location will house the commercial Boulevard of Stars, the avenue of music, Caudan Motor Show and fashion shows. Proponents also want to offer several types of atmosphere during ten days remaining before the end of the year. Visitors are sometimes in a fairground, now immersed in the magic of Christmas. And in the last week of the year, a setting of Arabian Nights will install on the esplanade. From 28 to 30, up to the Romans! You will meet gladiators, Caesar and Cleopatra as well as soldiers. And just for this year, the Caudan Development Ltd. conducted a makeover with the logo of Caudan. Initially, this identity was represented by three waves and the name of this place. The company has added a crystal of snow for Christmas but also recall the commitment of 15 years between the Caudan and visitors. Aradhna Boodhoo, Laumond, Communication Coordinator at Caudan Development Ltd, said that the figure 15 was also included in the logo to remember the anniversary of the place. "The sea stars were added as a sign of vitality, but also to remind the sea, which alone is the emblem of Caudan . " Philip of Arifat, the center manager Caudan Development Ltd, said, for his part, before 1996, the location of Caudan housed in small factories. " With the emergence of Caudan, Mauritians have found a friendly place and that's 15 years since we've been true to our visitors , "he says. The company hopes that with the Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis will be known as as a commercial capital, but more importantly, a cultural center. Moreover, developers are working on a project for a pedestrian route between the military hospital and Caudan recalling the course of the workers involved.

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