Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cooperative: The Small Planters Association wants to engage in the production of ethanol


The Small Planters Association has decided to meet more than a hundred farmers in a new cooperative with the name Green Island Farmers Cooperative Society. They pledge to revive the activities of small cane growers through the conversion of molasses into ethanol.
"Farmers are not interested in sugar production. The production of one ton of sugar amounted to Rs 7500, and as it only brings profit Rs 15,300, which means that it is no longer a profitable, " says Sunghoon Kripaloo, secretary of the Small Planters Association .
Paying more attention to the sugar industry sugarcane, the Small Planters Association has decided to form a new cooperative, the Green Island Farmers Cooperative. "This association was born last week and have already sent a letter Prime Minister and Minister of Agro-industry, so that we can benefit from Cane Democratization Fund, which has a fund of Rs 200 million, " says Murveen Ragobur, consultant of the Green Island Farmers Cooperative.
The members of the cooperative believe that the democratization of the sugar industry has been a failure and hope to be part of this project of democratization. According Murveen Ragobur, other growers will soon join them.
"We were also able to convince an Indian company specializing in the production of ethanol. The firm will provide the necessary technological tools, " he says.
There are already two ethanol distilleries in Mauritius, one in Fuel and one in Savannah. In October 2011, the sugar group Omnicane has already expressed its intention to enter the market. The group said to be capable of producing 15 million liters of ethanol without water (anhydrous), from 65 000 tonnes of molasses. Other project sponsors include Alcodis, the pioneer in the field of ethanol, Roland Maurel and Belgian distillery.
"We believe that this sector can also count on our expertise we have submitted our proposals to the authorities concerned, the ball is in their court," Sunghoon Kripaloo advance.

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