Monday, November 14, 2011

DEATH OF MICHAEL JACKSON: Dr. Murray guilty, fans rejoice


Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty Monday in Los Angeles of manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson, standing handcuffed the court, to the relief of the Jackson family and fans who have left their joy.
"We the people of California declare the accused guilty. "When the word "guilty" rang in the courtroom of Superior Court, a little cry of excitement went through the seat of Jackson clan, while Randy, the brother of the star, embracing his mother Katherine, a tissue by hand.
the second day of deliberations after six weeks of an official river that has seen 49 witnesses on the stand, the twelve members of the jury - seven men and five women - have delivered the guilty verdict demanded by the prosecution.
They considered unanimously that Dr. Murray was guilty of "criminal negligence", contributing to the sudden death of "King of Pop" at the age of 50 years, June 25 2009.
Michael Jackson had died of "severe intoxication" with propofol, a powerful sedative used in hospitals at home he used to sleep on, with the help of Dr. Murray.
The latter, who was his personal physician for two months had recognized him as having administered the morning of his death and the preceding months.
The doctor, 58, wearing a gray pinstripe suit, kept a marble face to the verdict, before leaving the court handcuffed.
It was given to officers of the Sheriff of Los Angeles, who will put in custody until November 29, when his sentence will be served. He faces up to four years in prison and lost his medical license.
The judge in the case, Michael Pastor, said that "the conduct of the Murray unconscious poses a risk to public safety" and that "his detention was appropriate. " He excluded the possibility of bail.
In addition to Randy and Katherine, were in the room the patriarch Joe Jackson, and Rebbie, Jermaine and La Toya, three brothers and sisters of the star.
They have nothing said out of the courtroom, nor the defense lawyers Ed Chernoff and Michael Flanagan. At this point, the defense has given no indication of any appeal.
In their wake, excited fans were heading for the exit with a kiss. One woman started to Katherine Jackson: "We won, we won". 
"I'm speechless," said Rose Baker told AFP in the hall to the courtroom. "I wanted to believe but I was so scared ...". 
Outside, a shout of joy rose to the verdict in the ranks of fans of the late "King of Pop", flocked to the court, waving placards that read: "Michael is missing," "Do not kill Michael again, Murray put in jail". 
"Joy, justice, relief, finally this is it!", said one of the fans told AFP before the Jackson family approaches the microphone. 
"Justice is done," said Jermaine soberly, while Rebbie added: "Nothing will bring back (Michael) among us, but I am pleased that (Dr. Murray) has been convicted. " 
Michael Jackson "was in the courtroom and that is why justice has been done," said La Toya on the other hand, before starting on his Twitter account: "Victory !!!!!!". 
Attorney David Walgren, whose name was chanted by fans euphoric in the verdict, made ​​a brief statement thanking "the judge Pastor of driving a fair trial and just. " 
"Our thoughts are with the Jackson family for the loss of a son, brother, father. This is the most important to say today," he said. 
The Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, honored him, telling the press that his "presentation of the case before the court was magnificent." 
Thursday, in his submissions, Mr. Walgren had said that "the evidence in this case "were" overwhelming "and that Conrad Murray had deprived the children of the star of a" father "and the world of a" genius. " 
Dr. Murray was a "small fish" in this case had replied the doctor's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, saying during his closing argument that the prosecution witnesses had agreed to fabricate a story implicating the practitioner.

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