Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deaths in police cell: Prime Minister outlines new details

While he had already answered the Private Notice Question (PNQ) to open the parliamentary session of Monday, November 14, Navin Ramgoolam is returned to the charge in the absence of opposition leader in the late afternoon afternoon to provide additional details.
Navin Ramgoolam has surprised many by making a new declaration to the National Assembly after the break in the afternoon, around 5:00 p.m. on the PNQ to which he replied in the morning. He gave details to a supplementary question the Leader of the opposition on the date the crime was committed.
Earlier he had indicated that the proposed charges against Anand Kumar Ramdhany reported a theft in May 2011 while the complaint cited a July 17 robbery.
The prime minister said during his testimony recorded in the police station Piton, the accused had confessed to the theft in May and not July 17, as indicated by the victim. In a new statement, the victim confirmed that the flight could have been committed in May and she had found on July 17 only.
In its response to the PNQ, the head of government said that all procedures were followed in the case of Anand Kumar Ramdhany. The prisoner died in a cell last July, when an investigation had been opened on burglary in the camp of the Prime Minister.
Paul Berenger had focused his PNQ of cell death in police Anand Kumar Ramdhany July 30 at the police station in the Rampart River.

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