Saturday, November 26, 2011

An eel of 15 cm sneaks into his penis

An eel of 15 cm sneaks into his penis

Zhang Nan, a Chinese 56 years, took a bath of eels to look younger, when he felt a very sharp pain!
Indeed, a small eel six inches (15 cm) was inserted into the penis through the urethra and went back to his bladder. The poor man must have had a dramatic vision, he believed that the eels would just take care to eat his dead skin: "I was in the bath and I could feel the eels around my body. But suddenly I felt a pain and I realized that a small eel beyond the tip of my penis. " "I tried to escape, but was too slippery eel and disappeared into my penis. Nan Zhang then went to the emergency, and only after a 3 hour operation that doctors were able to get the eel's body man. It was dead when doctors found it. The surgeon in charge of the operation said that due to the slippery nature of the eel, it was able to slide easily into the genital Mr Nan. "The diameter of the urethra of the penis of a man is just a bit closer, but because the eels are very slippery, it was used as a lubricant and was able to enter the penis gently," at he said. 

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