Sunday, November 6, 2011

Laura Beg successful conversion to reggae without questioning his loyalty to sega

She brought joy to his audience to Reggae Donn Sa Festival 6th But Laura is not a seggaewoman .For her, the evening was a stopover. She remains faithful to Sega.
First attempt coup for Laura Beg. The time of its passage on the stage of the Festival Reggae Donn Sa, she dazzled audiences and has demonstrated that it deserves its place in the musical world often described as a macho world.
Sega singer has indeed slipped easily into the skin of a reggaewoman power. Sailing between zouk, seggae, reggae and dancehall, is an uninhibited Laura Beg, who had the difficult task of opening the festival. In just a few beats, the singer was in tune with his audience.
This Saturday's musical color enriched with Laura Beg groove musicians. She showed a surprising complicity with them. This collusion with the orchestra Otentikk Groove, has also been felt good when Laura had discovered the song 'Mone enn his tan.' "I wrote the title exclusively for the festival," explains she said. The first notes shelled, Laura has once again demonstrated his versatility by performing an artistic piece of dancehall. "It took me one week to finalize this song. I am an artist who must constantly challenge myself and make this song helped me to propose something new which I'm especially proud, " she admits.
If on the stage of Reggae Donn Sa Laura Beg stood as a leading artist of local music, it was never cradled on a bed of roses. From his 15 years, while still a schoolgirl, she began to travel around the various pubs on the island. A career that will however not approved by his parents who hoped their daughter choose a different career path.
The music, however, overcame the reluctance parenting. It will of Sega and varied repertoire of choice. Interesting potential artist, she was noticed by Alain Ramanisum, while musician and singer Cassiya .. And this is the beginning of a beautiful musical adventure and love .... 
Laura Beg was soon promoted to singer in the group Ravana. There she won, confirms and explodes. Is still evolving as a chorister, his mentor and future husband noticed that his step may just be a simple chorus. It was time for the singer to be aligned at the forefront. Developing a stage play and a remarkable vocal power, Laura Beg sensation, especially with its famous tubes 'Mo you louse feeling', 'love until the impossible', or 'Ti Amor'.
"If we follow closely the development of the Sega we see that this music does not just convey messages commonplace.This music is also used to alert the people of Mauritius on the plagues, "said she. "That's why I think reggae and sega are two current music that are fundamentally linked," she says.
His performance on stage at Reggae Donn Sa Laura is considered as a stopover, "which certainly pleased me, but I belong to the sega all, out of the question to give up this music. But I do not exclude to other musical escapades in the future, " she says.
On this subject of his next album will be titled 'policy wince', and which will be released record stores in November, Laura Beg says the album will also be colored roots. "Reggae and seggae will actually well represented " , says she.

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