Monday, November 7, 2011

Mayotte also holds the record for the lowest state budget

Mayotte, Department of French overseas territories, is the least budgetary support by the government.This is emphasized in a statement Victorin Lurel, vice president of the Socialist Group in the National Assembly in charge of overseas territories. Note that Mayotte is mired in an unprecedented social crisis for over a month because the cost of living.
And MP Victorin Lurel continued: "According to the policy document cross overseas annexed to the draft budget law for 2012, which analyzes all of the financial effort of the government for overseas expenditure budget Total annual State by Mahorais amounts in fact to 3613 euros. But in the four overseas departments, this expenditure is on average 5,613 euros per capita (5403 in Guadeloupe, 6425 Guyana, Martinique in 5570 and 5056 in Reunion). "
This budget choice is more critical than it is in Mayotte that GDP per capita is the lowest of all Overseas (5200 euros per capita) and the social situation is one of the most deteriorated, as shows the current crisis, said Socialist MP.
Victorin Lurel called the government to significantly strengthen its fiscal effort in support of Mayotte, the recent accession to the status of a department requires significant upgrading. Immediate means can also be found on the credits of the same overseas mission, for example on the 3 million vested in three commissioners whose endogenous monthly salary is 15 000 euros, depending on the Special Rapporteur of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly for overseas mission or each month that annually spends about five Mahorais state.
Source: (original title of the State Budget: Mayotte penalized)

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