Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mayotte: a social conflict that continues


Dams made of trees persisted Wednesday bucked the outskirts of Mamoudzou, and in different regions of the island .. Here and there a few gangs of youths throwing stones threatened the police, written Zinfos974 Thursday.
The site explains that the First Mayotte dams removed Monday, the day of the funeral of Ali Anziz, who died in the protests against high prices, have been replaced. One way to "accommodate" the coming of Robin Denis, the former prefect of Mayotte, reinforcements arrived Wednesday to find solutions to the conflict Mahorais, says our colleague Reunion.
Traffic is again made difficult for workers, the police or health workers in many parts of the island. After five weeks of unrest on the island of perfumes, the agreements required by the population and unions on the falling price of beef has not yet been found. The presence on the island of a mediator in the person of Stanislas Martin sent by the central authorities, did not work either. The arrival today of the former prefect of Mayotte, Denis Robin, has raised hopes among the population Mahoran, always taken in the movement against high prices
For the duration of action
The recent creation of a committee to end the crisis leaves, in turn, suggest that solutions to the conflict in the short, medium and long term could be found for the inhabitants of the island flavors.
Tuesday morning, Senator Mohamed Soilihi brought together several personalities of Mayotte, and elected councilors, to discuss concrete measures that would help out the department of economic and social crisis through which it passes. The first of these proposals did not take long to materialize through the creation of a crisis committee. "After five weeks of demonstrations, life Mahoran found some peace with demonstrators who are less numerous, even if the dams still exist (...). Perhaps Denis Robin can he help make a contribution to the building? "says Zinfos974.
For its part, Malango News wrote that "these trees fall faster than if they were corrupted by a bacterium." Indeed, they are cut into soft overnight. "Dams and violence prevented the island to live normally today (Wednesday, ed), says our colleague Mahorais, adding that the police did not intervene. The security forces to avoid further incidents, waiting in that the villagers take matters in hand and remove the dams themselves (photo). But meanwhile, no freedom of movement, said Malango News.

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