Thursday, November 10, 2011

New deadly earthquake in eastern Turkey

----------------------------------------------------------An earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter echelle hit Wednesday evening around the city of Van in eastern Turkey, an area already hit by a devastating earthquake on October 23.
According to a preliminary assessment, three people died and many others are buried under the rubble of several buildings, state television reported. At least seven buildings, two hotels in Van, and a dozen other structures in the region collapsed, said the channel TRT Haber, who has broadcast images of rescue workers searching through d├ęcombres.Des people are panicked took to the streets and ambulances rushed to place sirens wailing.
The earthquake of October 23, measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale, was 600 dead. It was followed by hundreds of aftershocks. (Reuters). 
Papandreou resigns, still no successor in Greece
The Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou announced his resignation Wednesday and political leaders fail not seem to agree on the name of his successor, who must lead a unity government to avoid responsibility bankrupt the country.
After three days of tough negotiations, Filippos Petsalnikos, the current Speaker of Parliament, was given in the afternoon as the probable successor of Papandreou. But according to sources close to the discussions, many elected Socialist Party (PASOK) and New Democracy, the opposition Conservative Party, would be hostile to this choice.The negotiations are continuing. (Reuters).
Italy: Berlusconi is well and truly over
Silvio Berlusconi said Wednesday he would resign the Presidency of the Italian Council once approved emergency economic reforms demanded by the European Union. He also defended his preference for holding early parliamentary elections, which should not occur.
Also on Wednesday, inspectors from the EU were expected to Rome to start their supervisory functions, intended to ensure that economic reforms are implemented as part of the agreement reached at the G20 last week in Cannes.These should be adopted in the coming days. As for the elections, they could be held in February. When a government loses the confidence in Italy's Parliament or resigns, it is the President to appoint a new leader to try to find a majority in Parliament, or to call new elections. (
Syria repression continues
Ten civilians were killed Wednesday, November 9 in Syria by shooting of police in suppression of popular revolt against the regime, according to Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH). The new government attack came a day after the launch of a campaign of opposition to the Arab countries calling for severe measures against the regime in Damascus. The same day, the UN communicated the results of the violence: over 3500 dead in eight months.
Tuesday, twenty people eight soldiers, twelve civilians, including a girl were killed across the country, according to OSDH. In the city of Homs, besieged by the army, security forces continued raids and arrests in search of pro-democracy activists, said the NGO.

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