Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Office of Tourism and the Council of Religions will promote spiritual tourism

----------------------------------------------------------Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and the Council of religions, Wednesday, Nov. 16 to encourage tourists to visit places of religious worship.

Making of a holiday in Mauritius, an exceptional moment , a trip to the other. It is the goal sought by the tourist office who signed Wednesday, November 16, a Memorandum of Understanding with the Council on Religion and promoting spiritual and cultural tourism. This signing formalizes an old project that has re- area on September 27, at the Mass held in the framework of the World Tourism Day. Father Philippe Pin expressed the importance of promoting moral values. He also said was high time to develop spiritual and religious itineraries for visitors in search of this facet of Mauritius. At the signing ceremony of agreement at the headquarters of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) in Port Louis, its president Robert Desvaux said that the idea of bringing a spiritual dimension to the tourism industry did not start yesterday and is signed by Monique Dinan, Paul Jones, Father Philippe Pin, Ramsamy Sen, a former President of the MTPA and others. Thus, a Code of Ethics for Tourism was prepared in 1992 by the Diocesan Commission of Tourism (CDT) in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and these people mentioned above. Recently, the MTPA took over the bar by translating the document into nine languages, including Kreol, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Arabic and Mandarin.  " I hope that Mauritians will quickly adopt it. We do not just order but we instill in them an etiquette to make Mauritius a pleasure, especially for its inhabitants. For this, there are parameters to meet lifestyle , "stated Robert Desvaux. Mootoosamy For Karl, director of the MTPA, the realization of the code of ethics will bring a spiritual component to tourism for the island. "Everywhere else, we can now find the beaches and hotels. What we do not, however, is that tourists coming here after 11 hours are left with a void. The reason we are launching this promotion to the share name to highlight the island with this multicultural tolerance capability to go to the other , "he said. Father pin pointed out that Mauritius has extraordinary wealth and beautiful and spiritual places that these are routes to offer tourists who visit us. " Between September 27 and November 16, the realization of this project has been rapid. With the Council of religions, we are a team and sharing and with the MTPA, all these efforts will now Visib the "he said. Pandit Ved Gopee himself has said that tourists are looking for different experiences. " The sun and the sea are over for Maurice. Tourists travel all the time and the discovery of spiritual places that can make the difference. These can through dialogue about the development of civilizations. Maurice is comparable to a laboratory and then visitors will be able to preach that harmony in their respective countries , "he argued. The work to list the various spiritual sites and places of worship has already begun.Once this part is completed, the MTPA will be responsible for promoting the various festivals and cultural celebrations on its website. Tour operators will also be used in order to offer these routes for tourists. Training will also be given to tour guides so they can in turn educate visitors. In addition, a competition will be held in December in collaboration with Air Mauritius, one of the partners of this initiative. Participants will answer questions about the code of ethics and the winner will walk away with two tickets for a trip to a destination of choice.

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