Friday, November 11, 2011

Opposition calls for revision of the law on declaration of assets of members

----------------------------------------------------------he ineffectiveness of the law on mandatory reporting of assets of elected National Assembly will be on the menu of the Prime Minister's Question Time at the meeting of Tuesday, November 15.
Navin Ramgoolam will also explain the effectiveness of the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC) in the management of the mandatory declaration of assets of members. It will be interviewed for this purpose, by MP Steve Obeegadoo who wants to give more powers to the ICAC in this area and force him to make public statements through the Speaker of the National Assembly.
Steve Obeegadoo invite formerly the head of government to decide on the participation of the Republic elected in religious ceremonies. He asked whether the Prime Minister will hold consultations with all political parties to reach consensus on this issue.
MP Franco Quirin ask the leader of the Government to indicate whether the government has already identified areas that will soon be equipped with CCTV surveillance camera. At the launch last month, a network of 272 cameras of the same type covering the regions of Port Louis and Grand Baie, Navin Ramgoolam announced that this project will be extended to other parts of the country. And in his 2012 budget speech, Xavier Duval announced the installation of 300 CCTV cameras next year.
The Opposition Whip, Rajesh Bhagwan, asked the Prime Minister on the renovation of Government House. The renovation contract was awarded to Ireko Construction Ltd, a subsidiary of British American Investment, for an amount of Rs 327 million. Rajesh Bhagwan interrogate Navin Ramgoolam on any delays in delivery of the building and the amounts disbursed to date.
The same member further request of the Prime Minister of statistics on the number of road accidents recorded since the beginning of the year and reviews the measures taken so far for road safety.
Kavy Ramano want him, whether the government will come forward with new regulations to provide pregnant women and heart patients the compulsory wearing of seat belts in cars.
MP Veda Baloomoody invite the head of government to decide on safety in primary schools in the country.
The issue will Reza Uteem it, the allegations of wrongdoing made against certain officers of the Police Welfare Association.
The Prime Minister must also give reasons for the departure of former Director of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), the British Jane Maclean. This has left Mauritius on October 24 after being accepted a position at New Scotland Yard.
Raffick Sorefan seek him, information on the laws of men whose services were retained by the Independent Broadcasting Authority since 2007.

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