Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spaniards to the polls to punish the Socialists

Spanish voters to the polls this Sunday as part of early parliamentary'élections should spend the end of the outgoing government socialist, a victim of the economic crisis, and bring to power the Popular Party (PP) center-right. Polls close at 19:00 GMT (23:00 to Mauritius) and the final results are expected in the evening.
Training conservative Mariano Rajoy in the polls has a solid lead over the Socialist Party of outgoing prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, in power for seven years.The voters blame the Socialists for the delay in responding to rectify the economy and curb unemployment, the rate (21%) is highest in the European Union.
Unlike the Greeks, whose demonstrations against austerity caused a political crisis, the Spanish seem willing to tighten our belts and suffer budget cuts in the areas of health and education background of the debt crisis that has overcame the Greek governments, Portuguese, Italian and Irish.
"I will vote for the PP, just so that there is a change. We need people to restore order. It is a shame to have 5 million unemployed. They should do something but I do know what, "said Angel, 35, who lost his job as bus driver. With one in five Spanish unemployment, the economy dominated the election campaign amid concerns of a return to recession in the fourth largest economy in the euro zone next year, for the second time in three years.
END of the socialist era
After two failures legislation against socialists, Mariano Rajoy is moving towards the most complete victory of a conservative party since the restoration of democracy in Spain in the late 1970s after the dictatorship of General Franco.
The former interior minister, aged 56, should not take an oath before the month of December, but should in the meantime, however, seek to reassure the bond market by unveiling its upstream measures to reduce the deficit and boost competitiveness.
Sign of nervousness in the bond markets, the Spanish 10-year bonds were traded this week at a rate close to 7%, the highest since the inception of the euro area.
Battered by the crisis, José Luis Zapatero has decided not to run for third term and the Socialists have placed their hopes in Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, however, which is struggling to stand out from the outgoing prime minister.
On the eve of the elections on Saturday, some 200 protesters from the movement " Indignados " gathered in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to call for a boycott of the two main parties in the country. " The situation in Spain is not good and we must show , "said one of the demonstrators, Luis Garcia. "The two main parties are the slaves of bankers."
The movement of " Indignados ", inspired by the " Arab spring ", was launched during the campaign for local and regional elections of 22 May to protest against government policy which, according to activists, offers them no future . Relatively quiet during the campaign, "Indignados" are ready to resurface once the new government presents its austerity plan.

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