Friday, November 4, 2011

Statistics Mauritius: The country has improved its energy efficiency between 2002 and 2009


Mauritius has made progress in its energy consumption. This is demonstrated Statistics Mauritius in its latest report on the environment back on the evolution of this issue between 2002 and 2009.
The country's energy consumption has declined for every Rs 100,000 gross domestic product. It increased from 1.04 tonnes of oil equivalent in 2002 to 0.87 tons in 2009. The efficiency of our energy consumption has therefore improved.
This in turn has a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Statistics Mauritius attributes this progress to advances in energy consumption in the textile, food and transportation, activities that are the most energy.
As emphasized by analysts Statistics Mauritius, the reduction in energy consumption is not strictly related to decreased activity in an area. There are, however, areas that increase their value while reducing their energy bill.
Agriculture, food manufacturing, construction, trade, hotels and restaurants and to a lesser extent, in the transportation category for which energy consumption decreases as the value added increases.
In addition to the energy consumption of economic activity, households are also energy intensive. Lighting, appliances, motor transport, hot water for showers are the major items of household energy use.

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