Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Victim of a hit and run, a former imam found in a field four days after

----------------------------------------------------------A former imam of the mosque of L'Escalier died in a serious car accident Thursday in the future. But his body was not discovered until Monday. An investigation was initiated by the police to get their hands on the driver.
He was fond of walking. But this activity was lost. Mamade Nabeebaccus Ullah, 41, a former imam of the mosque of the village of L'Escalier died in horrific circumstances in a hit and run (hit and run) on the evening of Thursday, November 17. Been missing since that date, his body in a state of advanced decomposition was found at 13 hours this Monday, Nov. 21 in a field of sugar cane along the road through the future, a district of Saint-Pierre. The autopsy by the No 2 service forensic police, Dr. Maxwell Monvoisin, found that the unfortunate man died of multiple injuries sustained when he was hit and thrown into this field. He had his neck broken and ribs besides other damage to his vital organs. " He lived at home with New Discovery , "sighed his mother, Fateymoon, 63.Mamade was the second of his four children. He had lost his mind nearly two years ago. His wife, with whom he had a son now teenager was soon abandoned. He was followed by the psychiatric hospital and was considered an invalid state. Thursday, says her mother, unable to remain cloistered within the four walls of the family home, he went to a walk as usual. Sometimes, she says, he came to join Saint-Pierre from New Discovery. Mamade took the bus to return although she had a special card to be invalid. But on Thursday, he never returned. Were made ​​of beaten in vain. Only on Monday that a person has made ​​the gruesome discovery. An investigation was opened by the police station in Saint-Pierre to go back to the driver who ran him over.


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