Sunday, November 6, 2011

Violent altercation between a red activist and Cader Minister Sayed Hossen

----------------------------------------------------------Violent altercation between a red activist and Cader Minister Sayed Hossen , Saturday, Nov. 5, in Bel-Air, at a conference of the Labour Party. Supporters blame the reds elected in the constituency No. 10 (MONTAGNE BLANCHE / GRSE) their absence in the field.
"It's a poorly organized conference. A disgrace to the Labour Party (NTP). Supporters of the MMM are making fun of us." This is how a man named Bhim Gopal, activist in the riding Red No. 10, addressed to the Minister of Industry and Trade, Cader Sayed Hossen.
Indeed the meager assistance to the Congress in the constituency Labour No. 10 (Montagne-Blanche/GRSE) has not failed to attract its share of comments. Everyone was his explanation, but recrimination that came up most often is the lack of elected officials in the district.
Bhim Gopal who presents himself as the head of the regional committee of the District No. 10 (Montagne-Blanche/GRSE) has not tempered his criticism against elected officials in the region. He said that since he is active in this region, for 30 years, this is the first time a Labour congress attracts assistance as lean.
 Other supporters have also taken the opportunity to tell their members what they had on the heart. For them the Labour MPs are " going to be unemployed, like a certain Jim Seetaram. " It is the intervention of the Minister of Health has brought a little serenity.
Cader Sayed Hossen the minister tried to downplay the incident by saying "the commotion only a minority of people. "He wanted to ensure that there is no tension in his constituency.
Meanwhile, on stage, ministers Jim Seetaram, Rajesh Jeetah, Lormus Bundhoo and President of the Labour Party, Patrick Assirvaden have in turn commented on the budget presented by Finance Minister Xavier Luc Duval Friday, November 4 . "This is a remarkable budget, for its social and economic , "says Patrick Assirvaden.
Minister of Cooperatives, Seetaram Jim himself has welcomed measures to boost the sector of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). " The Government will build 175 industrial sites in 5 sites for SMEs. Obviously this will reinvigorate the sector , "he claims.
Seetaram Minister also made a scathing outburst against his former party the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM), which he was never able to revive the economy.
The general secretary of the Labour Party, he has Lormus Bundhoo suggested that whenever the Labour Party and the Mauritian Social Democratic Party find themselves in power, the country always comes out a winner.
Patrick has worked Assirvaden former Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth. He said it left no record. "We lost a lot of time leaving the post of finance minister Pravind Jugnauth for more than one year , "he argued.
Minister Sayed Hossen it is him, took the President of the Republic. He blasted SirAnerood Jugnauth for his speeches with political overtones during the official ceremonies. He invited the head of state to step down if he wants to do politics. "If you want to compete with us, do not stay in the comfort of living presidential, do like us, come in a box truck, "he said at the president.

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