Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is a Shisha?


Shisha or Hookah is a large water pipe, which originated in India sometime in the beginning of the 17th century. It became popular in the Middle East, especially, Iran and Turkey. It is a large pipe, which uses water as well as indirect heat in order for a person to smoke. It is gaining popularity in the West and youth prefers it. It is very popular on the campus in the West. It is smoked in Europe as well as in South Africa. It is also known as narghile or sisha.
Hakin Abul Fath invented the hookah to counteract the bad effects of smoking. It consists of a water jar that is made of glass and is connected by a tube to a bowl on top. Tobacco is put in the bowl and is covered with burning charcoal. One inhales smoke with the help of a hose that is leading from the water jar. The air that is hot gets drawn through tobacco. The resulting smoke is filtered through water before it is inhaled by the smoker.
Sisha is the name given to the tobacco mix that is used for smoking with the help of the pipe. It is available in several flavors. The most popular flavor is fruit.
A hookah session generally last for 45 minutes and can be shared by more than one person. Traditionally, it is meant for men. Women are frowned upon if they smoke a hookah. Of course, one comes across female tourists in the Middle East like, Egypt smoking the hookah.
Benefits of Hookah
  • One relaxes by smoking the hookah.
  • People have several get-together centered on the hookah. It is popular in social gatherings.
  • It is less harmful than cigarettes.
  • It has a very good taste. It is sweetened by molasses, fruit, honey and aromatic oils.
Of course, some claim that more carbon dioxide as well as tar is inhaled by hookah smoking as compared to cigarettes. Yet, conclusive studies have to be carried out to this effect.

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