Thursday, November 3, 2011

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011: The names of eight candidates announced


The second edition of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year has already been initiated. Eight women entrepreneurs were shortlisted, until the big night of awards on November 10.
They each shine in their respective fields. Their common: entrepreneurship. Zulaika Sunthbocus, Margaret Pan Sin, Ashni Nandee, Carole Blatch, Sophia Mahon, Alexandra Schaub, Anju and Hawoldar Shameem Cassim Ayoob have been shortlisted for the second edition of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.
This initiative by Visa, a global payment technology and Essential magazine, aims to promote and recognize women entrepreneurs who have succeeded in their approach.
In total, more than fifteen applications were received and these are the names mentioned above have been retained.They perform in various fields including jewelry, restaurants, travel,'imprimerie, public relations, textiles and information technology.
A task far from easy for the jury of Mala Chetty, Chairman of the National Women Entrepreneur Council Marie-Louise Voon Teng Hin, Regulatory Contact Partner of the accounting firm BDO Co. Ltd Giandev Mote, Chief Executive Officer of the Mauritius Post Ltd and Timothy Taylor, chairman of Scott & Co. Ltd and Chairman of the National Committee on Corporate Governance.
For the president of the jury, Mala Chetty, the main objective of the second edition of this competition is to highlight a new generation of women entrepreneurs responsible. "To be eligible for this contest, candidates must be at the head of a Mauritian company established for a minimum of 5 years but not more than 10 years. In addition, the company must achieve a turnover of over Rs 2 million per year and more than five employees, " she said.
Bwakira Christian, Country Manager of Visa Maurice, was proud to sponsor the second edition of the Women Entrepreneur of the Year in Mauritius. An opportunity to recognize women entrepreneurs who create jobs, strengthen the community while supporting the economy.
While waiting to see the profile of each candidate in the monthly magazine Essential, presenting each of the eight shortlisted.
1. Zulaika Sunthbocus, Director of Spoon ConsultingName: Zulaika Sunthbocus
Company: Spoon Consulting
Sector: IT.
Zulaika Sunthbocus, 51, holds a Masters in Computer Science. Following the experience gained as a consultant on functional ERP accounting packages logistics in Paris and Bordeaux, it opened Spoon Consulting in Mauritius in 2005, together with two partners.
2. Margaret Pan Sin, Director of Chee Li ChopName: Margaret Pan Sin
Company: Li Chee Chop
Margaret Pan Sin, 37, decided to enter the field of restoration, thanks to the culinary skills she acquired from her mother and grandmother. In 2002, she opened Chee Li Chop at Trianon. It recently launched a new branch in Rose-Belle.
3. Carole Blatch, Director of Travel Check-InName: Carole Blatch
Company: Check-In Travel
Industry: Travel
Carole opened Blatch Check-In Travel after working for a travel agency. Even though it was difficult at first, this woman of 25 years has been innovative and provide quality services to its customers. The agency was awarded the IATA certification in 2006.
4. Ashni Nandee, Director of The Diamond Ltd.Name: Ashni Nandee
Company: The Diamond Ltd.
Sector: Jewellery
Ashni Nandee, 53, opened Le Diamant Ltd. in 2001 which has gradually received a highly qualified team with several years of experience in the field. Its success has much to do with his determination. He happens to its customers all over the world.
5. Sophia Mahon, Director of Print Shop ProName: Sophia Mahon
Company: Print Shop Pro
Industry: Printing
Sophia Mahon-Bertrand, 29, is a fighter. She has not seen success easily, because it had to stop his studies in management in order to create Print Shop Pro. This company is now a one-stop-shop with his team.
6. Hawoldar Anju, director of Salaam BombayName: Anjili Hawoldar
Company: Salaam Bombay
Hawoldar Anju, 34, drew on his culinary passion to open Salaam Bombay in 2003 to provide various Indian dishes to Mauritians. His company will soon have a corner for pizza.
7. Alexandra Schaub, Director of TotemName: Alexandra Schaub
Company: Totem
Sector: Public Relations
Alexandra Schaub, founder of Totem, a great admirer of human creativity. Totem has 15 employees and is affiliated with Edelman, the third largest international agency specializing in public relations.
8. Shameem Ayoob Cassim, Director of Aasiya Ltd.Name: Ayoob Shameem Cassim
Company: Aasiya Ltd.
Industry: Textile - Apparel for babies
Cassim Shameen Ayoob comes from a family of merchants. To be more independent and develop her talent, she started a small clothing company for babies. She is very particular regarding the quality of equipment and opted for a 100% cotton fabric. In 2003, she incorporated her business Aasiya Limited.

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