Monday, October 24, 2011

Air Austral: Delay of the introduction of direct link Paris-Mayotte


Air Austral said in a statement that the direct air link between Paris and Mayotte will be delayed.

Officially, this direct link was to begin Oct. 31, but problems of "complementary and'aménagement miners" of the track forced the company to delay the opening of the link.
Indeed, Air Austral has been informed that refurbishment work on the trail of Pamandzi needed to run direct flights to Mayotte Mayotte Paris B 777 200 RS, could not be completed on time. "This results in the inability to take off from Paris to Mayotte with a load sufficient market ', says the airline Reunion.
"The company has decided, against the heart, to postpone the opening of the direct link to begin October 31," the statement added. Adding that the passengers had made their reservations about hotlines will be transported via Reunion.
Note that Air Austral continues its service between Mayotte and Reunion France via Paris on a daily basis, and once or twice a week on other provincial cities (Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes).
Crisis Mayotte: arrival of "mediator"
The mediator appointed by Marie-Luce Penchard, Minister for Overseas Territories in order to obtain as quickly as a solution to social conflict affecting Mayotte since September 27, was due to the island this Monday, October 24. He had to participate, upon arrival at the first meeting of the observatory of prices.
His job is to make a diagnosis on the prices of essential commodities in Mayotte, and this document will form the basis for negotiations should resume on Monday. Head of Department in the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud, Stanislas Martin, from the Ministerial Council of Overseas November 6, 2009, Investigation of competition for all the Overseas Territories.
Note that organizations Mahoran do not want to negotiate with the warden, Thomas Degos, much criticized since the beginning of the strike and demonstrations against high prices.
Source: Zinfos974

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