Monday, October 24, 2011

Libya: Muammar Gaddafi's body still exposed to Misrata

For the fourth consecutive day, the Libyans marched Monday in front of the remains of Misrata Muammar Gaddafi s''assurer the death of the man who ruled with an iron hand their country for 42 years.

His body lies, wrapped in a blanket on a mattress stained with blood in a refrigerated warehouse Misrata, martyred city of the uprising that erupted in February-March and resulted in the death Thursday of the guide fallen in Sirte.
At his side are based one of his son, Mouatassim, and his former chief of intelligence.
Given the incessant comings and goings, refrigeration is no longer sufficient to prevent an early breakdown of the body.
The guardians of the place decided to systematically distribute surgical masks to "visitors" to filter out ambient scent and threw plastic sheeting on the body.
Very few Libyans are moved because the guide and his son are still not buried four days after their death, as is the Muslim ritual which prescribes a funeral the day of death, preferably before sunset . 
"If it was a good man, we would have laid to rest. But Gaddafi has chosen his own destiny," said Salem Chaka, who traveled Monday to the body.
Another "visitor", who claims to have been driving 400 km to see the body, added: "I came to make sure of his death with my own eyes (...) Every Libyan must come and see."
The unanimity is far to prevail in the National Transitional Council (CNT) in power as to what will happen to the body of the guide.
The leaders of the CNT want it to be buried in an undisclosed location to avoid the grave becoming a shrine for his supporters.
The tribe of Gaddafi in Sirte region, requested that his body be returned for burial in his hometown.
In his will, Muammar Gaddafi asked to sit in Sirte.
"There are different opinions," said an official from the CNT to Misrata. "Some want it rests in the graveyard of invaders Misrata," said he, referring to a site outside of town, not far from the coast, where hundreds of armed supporters of Muammar Gaddafi were buried with a minimum of respect and dignity.
"Others want the body to be returned to his tribe."

(Source: Reuters)Libya: Muammar Gaddafi's body still exposed to Misrata

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