Friday, October 28, 2011

Car tuning in Mauritius

Car tuning is the process where someone modifies his car to personal needs or for sporting pleasure. Cars built in factories are for the average car drivers with all the necessary components and means to drive safely. Some people like to structure their cars so as to add a more personal touch and also for betterment of driving. Most people do car tuning for racing purposes since normal cars cannot be pushed too far. However some countries impose legal rights over tuning for passenger safety, youngsters’ safety and safety of all other materials regarding the cars.

The extent of car tuning has no real limit since everything about the car can be changed. While some go for outer modifications such as body changes, others go for audio systems even removing backseats to re-install stereos and still others change their seats to make them more comfortable especially during racing or change windows, rear view mirrors etc. The most typical tuning though is the change of tyres to adapt to different seasons, tracks etc. Also common is the change in engine to make the cars faster and more powerful; with more and more cars being electronically managed, changes in the chips can be made for the improvement of the engine.

In Mauritius as in other parts of the world, car rallying is a hot topic especially among the youngsters. They show off their tuned cars and rally for the fun of it. The Mauritius Tuning Show as the name says is the event where tuned cars are put on display for the pleasure of the public. Held at Trianon this year, the event attracted a lot of participants as well as outside visitors. Due to the success of the show, a second one with the same success was organised at Phoenix Commercial Centre. Participants of the show include those who want to show off their tuned cars, with a plus of making a video of the car tuning process from scratch to the hot one they now have and awarding a best video prize; the general public for fun and entertainment like tuning procedures, shows, gifts, quizzes; car dealers for marketing their products and tuning professionals regarding information dissemination concerned with tuning processes, latest technologies in car tuning etc.

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