Friday, October 28, 2011

Enhancement Program: Bunwaree responds to criticism from the opposition and trade unions


he Minister Education  was keen to respond to criticism made of the Enhancement Program Steve Obeegadoo opposition MP and trade unionist Vinod Seegum.
Vasant Bunwaree has not digested the criticism against the " Enhancement Program ", an extracurricular program of student support from Standard IV. During the parliamentary session of Tuesday, October 25, the opposition MP Steven Obeegadoo, stated that the current Minister of Education had " used an anti-democratic process "in the presentation of the bill prohibiting lessons in Standard IV. Remember that this is in the " Enhancement Program 2008-2020 . "
The Minister of Education held to report on what he calls " demagoguery . " " The debate was already there. That one does not come to interfere with the government for a project that was applauded by all , "says he.
Vasant Bunwaree says the " Enhancement Program "was developed in 2008 and endorsed by the Cabinet since January 15, 2010. This bill was also discussed during the parliamentary sessions.
He added that opposition members were those who had congratulated him on his initiative and that they can not challenge what they had enjoyed at the start. He, in the same vein, presented to the audience, a series of newspaper clippings referring to the greetings of the members of the opposition after the presentation of the " Enhancement Program ". Overlap which date back to 2009 and 2010.
As regards the prohibition of private lessons in Standard IV, Vasant Bunwaree says it starts with that class and that the primary itself will be revised to divide it into three stages. The Standard I and II combined into one step, the Standard III and IV and a second tranche of Class V Standard CPE component and the final stage.
We must understand that we wanted to remove the pressure that rests on the shoulders of young children. At the same time, we proposed the "Enhancement Program "which aims at holistic development of the child," says Vasant Bunwaree.
The Enhancement Program is in the Strategic Plan of Education for the period 2008-2020. It includes additional courses in the subjects offered in the school curriculum as well as workshops to develop the creativity of the child.
The minister also responded to Vinod Seegum, the President of the Government Teachers' Union. The union had shown that teachers should receive an additional allocation to carry out this project.
Vasant Bunwaree argues that there already and thought he had applied for a grant. Teachers will receive Rs 3000 in addition to their monthly salaries.
I'm not really happy with what teachers perceive but do not say I did not compensate teachers. It is an effort that they have agreed to provide and receive an allowance , "he says.
The Minister added that he did not force teachers to accept this program. Those who challenged the ban on private lessons were given the option to teach in other classes.

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