Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Education Bill: We must go beyond the prohibition of private tuitions, says opposition

                                                                               During the parliamentary debates on amendments to the Education Bill, Tuesday, October 25, members of the Opposition said that this bill, to ban private lessons at the Standard 4 will fail. MEPs of the Opposition, have stated that Tuesday, October 25 during the parliamentary debates on amendments to the Education Bill that this bill will not solve the difficulties faced by students. According to Steve Obeegadoo, Mauritian Militant Movement Parliamentary (MMM), the bill introduced by the Education Minister Vasant Bunwaree, does not provide solutions to the root of the problem: competition. We now see that our educational system, is summarized in a race only unhealthy to have access to the best colleges in the country, it'-that the Royal College and the Queen Elizabeth College (QEC) , "he said. Bunwaree Minister has indeed explained during the presentation of his bill that the Education Bill will create a healthy atmosphere for thousands of school children. " That's why we want to abolish private lessons in Standard 4 , "suggested the other hand the Minister of Education. Obeegadoo Steve and has made ​​no secret of his misgivings about the future of school children who, according He is the victim of an unequal system. " We know full well that a child who participates in reviews of the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE), are obliged to resort to private lessons in order to expect a good result, but the Minister does not seem to mind that many parents at the bottom of the ladder do not always afford the lessons to their children, and those there are condemned to a bleak future , "he said.Another point of contention between members of opposition and Vasant Bunwaree is the inclusion of the "Enhancement Program "in the Education Bill. This program was initiated in 2010 to benefit students of Standard 3, to teach their art, is according to former Education Minister, Steve Obeegadoo a real failure. " We are still unaware of the benefits of this program, what the "Enhancement Program "produced in the concrete? "He asked. The discussion was later postponed after the member of the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM), Pratibha Bholah to finish his speech. 

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