Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lighten your recipes-Divali 2011

If Diwali is incomplete without lights and fireworks, it is just as incomplete without its traditional sweets.Impossible not to be tempted. But Indranee Ramdin, nutrition specialist, advises you to opt for lighter recipes.Divali is the festival that celebrates the renewal, which is a symbol of purification. Celebration of Light, it is also characterized by the sharing of traditional sweets. However, many Mauritians are affected by diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol.And most of the cakes distributed during Divali, such as Mawa, the safarjan, the jalebi, the kanaoula or the famous "potato gato" are cakes fried or soaked in syrup. "With 100 grams of these cakes, it easily takes between 100 and 200 calories. For sick people, it would be a disaster if they let themselves go! In addition, the cakes that are rich in milk, such as the BARF contain lactose which increases blood sugar, "gives us Indranee Ramdin. The nutritionist recommends people to be careful and to prefer lighter and more recipes healthy. Thus, it recommends using, wherever possible, low-fat ingredients available on the market. For example, the Barfi or any other cake with milk, use skim milk. You can also replace the sugar with fake sugar and use oil low in saturated fat instead of ghee.Just as we said Ashok Etwar Ashoka Sweets, "you can make cakes lighter and healthier. Of course, the taste will be different from the original, but at least you can have fun. Moreover, we launched this concept in Mauritius in 2000 "Indeed in the 2000s, Ashoka Sweets was among the first to introduce this concept very popular in India. However, this concept did not last long, first because of the low market demand and partly because of the high cost of manufacturing and sales. "A Barfi of this manufacture was selling at Rs 10 more than the normal Barfi, and there was not a big demand." It is true that it costs more, but nothing is more important than health. Otherwise, Indranee Ramdin advised to opt for cakes less rich in sugar and fat such as "idli" Poutou, ounde, which are mainly based on rice and oatmeal. By cons, these cakes contain baking soda and are strictly forbidden for people with hypertension. In addition, it delivers some tips for those who want to watch their line, "The day of Divali, better get light meals, like salad, fruit and vegetables. Dietary fiber helps to remove excess sugars and fats. The following days, adopt a healthy and controlled diet to eliminate all toxins. "

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