Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy World warehouse in Port-Louis destroyed by fire


A fire broke out in a warehouse located in Happy World, this Monday, October 24 around 15:30 in Port Louis.
Happy World Rémy Ollier Street in Port-Louis was destroyed by fire on Monday October 24. A welder who was working at the scene said he was busy cutting iron bars when the fire started. He explained that after the oil has started to drip from his wheel as the fire began to spread.
"I was busy cutting iron bars when suddenly my oil mill (grinder) began to trickle from the craft. I tried to extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher, but I could not do anything, " said the worker employee of the company MKM. This company has been working for two weeks on the ground floor of the warehouse Happy World. "We buy old iron bars from Happy World, and we recycle," he says.

Unable to do anything against the fire that had begun to spread throughout the building, he was quick to call the fire department. In less than thirty minutes, the fire subsequently started to win the first and second floor of the building. Firefighters were at work were all the evil in the world to tackle the fire, due to the presence of flammable materials inside the building.
The Divisionnal Officer firefighters, Dorsamy Ayacootee, said that combustible materials should not be stored in the city center.  "That's why we keep saying that such activities should be carried out in secured locations," explains he said.
The other operators whose businesses are located around the building Happy World were forced to evacuate their stores of emergency, as the fire continued to gain ground. "We chose not to take any risks," says Omar Kara .
It was not until 5:00 p.m. that firefighters began to control the fire. "None was injured, it must be said that people who are in the area have been lucky because it could have been more serious, " says Dorsamy Ayacootee.

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