Friday, October 28, 2011

Libya: UN terminates the mandate of NATO


The Security Council of the UN decided on Thursday that the provisions of resolution 1973 on Libya would be lifted on October 31. The decision was taken unanimously by the fifteen members of the Council. Adopted on 17 March, one month after the outbreak of the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, the resolution in 1973 establishing an exclusion zone in the skies of Libya and authorized "all necessary measures" to protect civilians against the military Muammar Kadhafi.Elle allowed the Allied intervention in Libya has contributed to the collapse of what future without NATO? Despite requests for extension of the mission by the Libyan authorities, the Security Council did not give because they exceed the powers of the UN mandate set last March. However, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday that in this new phase, the coalition forces would review "with the Libyan authorities the means to meet their demands" and consult "for appropriate responses to requests Libyan . " Encore "many uncertainties" Contacted by 20Minutes, Yves Boyer, deputy director of the Foundation for Strategic Research, indicates that there is " considerable uncertainty " about the future of Libya, with a "kindling "or a "breakdown" of the fragile unity of the country. These risks: "10,000 armed men to disarm, a rivalry between the tribes, the introduction of sharia that will cause problems of human rights ..." "It is not certain that the result is the height expectations of Westerners, " and believes Yves Boyer, but "now that the military operation is set and has no legal validity, the international coalition should not interfere in the internal politics of Libya." Without knowing if the things go wrong, the researcher still regrets "the romantic vision, idealism and imperialism "of the "Arab Spring" from the West. However, Yves Boyer is confident that "the international community will do everything it can to influence the internal debate through various channels, diplomatic pressure and bilateral actions." Answer after October 31. Source: Corentin Chauvel,

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