Friday, October 28, 2011

Reunion: 10 200 homes to be built until 2016 in the East

'The new Plan PLHI or local housing intercommunal the period 2011-2016, provides for the production of 10 200 units of which 49% of rental is free sociaux.La share over 30% of total production in order to promote social mix. These objectives have been identified at the meeting of the Steering Committee of the Cirest PLHI together, the six municipalities of the east and its partners, a forty participants for mayor of Saint-AndrĂ©. Issues and major themes of the program were also presented as part of this PLHI which is presented by the President of the Cirest, Eric Fruteau as "the tool for defining and controlling the local politics of the habitat defined for a period of 6 years the objectives and principles of the community to meet the housing needs and identifies the means to achieve ". 3 400 applicants in 2010PLHI A review of 2004-2010 was also presented: "10 197 housing has been made, an average of 1,700 homes a year 3 / 4 of the buildings are located in Saint-AndrĂ© (43%) and St. Benedict (33%) 286 social rental per year were delivered between 2005 and 2009 ". The diagnosis also shows that we have counted 3,089 substandard housing in 2008 than households in the East have very low incomes (average 12,384 euros against 15,300 euros on the departmental level). Other findings: there were 3400 applicants in 2010 "young and young families are the applicants." Fruteau Eric also believes that "94 million euros allocated by the State under the LBU (for the whole island) are clearly insufficient: needs are estimated at nearly 200 million euros. We need an envelope contractualized over several years. " Mr. Fruteau also calls "special measures for the equalization of the East, given the delay of the micro-region." It also reiterates its call for "extension of application of the ZFU (Free Zone urban) which theoretically ended December 31, 2011 next. "

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