Friday, October 28, 2011

Lottotech paid Vidiadand Kallootee

Vidiadand Kallootee can finally sleep soundly. After gallery for 24 days, in a few hours it will hold its final check of Rs 35.8 million in his hands. His prize pool will be awarded by the National Lottery at 15:15. Light at the end of the tunnel the day of Divali. Thus one might call the end of the suspension of Vidiadand Kallootee. Indeed, it was Wednesday night that two representatives of Lottotech went to his home in Plaine des Roches to announce that the decision was made ​​to pay it, provided of course that the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) n ' sees no objection. And it is precisely in this direction that things have changed since, according Hiren Jankees, "the GRA sees no reason to go against the decision of Lottotech who decided to pay the winner. 

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