Friday, October 28, 2011

Attitude of college studens in Mauritius public buses

Enough is enough! A little more decency please! Passenger Transit complained about the attitude, uncivil behavior of college students on buses. "It becomes quite a hassle to travel with these kids. Their behavior disturbs and irritates other passengers considerably, adults and seniors, "show these passengers.An officer of the National Transport Authority, as the daily challenge contacted, explains that acts of indiscipline in transit are subject penalties and fines. "The world may have changed, the media too. But despite the latest mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, these college students today can not but arouse the contempt on the part of old people like us.How do we behave this way in public transport? Shouts, insults, cries, acts derogatory, indecent, that we can scarcely describe, are committed by college students who are expected to learn good manners at school ... This disgusts me deeply, "Sylvie tells us. The scenario is immutable in the bus. First, girls and boys gather, then they come commandeer the seats behind the bus. Then all they can start cinema. Then you have more than haste is down before them, or see these troublemakers to leave the bus as soon as possible, reflect those passengers. In addition to the oaths and indecent expressions they engage in public, these ill-mannered college also disturb other passengers with the ringing of their phones."They broadcast out loud music from their mobile phones. Consequence: we have to suffer their music techno, rock or R & B throughout the journey. No-til no respect for the peace of mind of others, especially older? "Asks the Sylvie. These passengers therefore require that action be taken against young people who disturb the public peace and project a negative image of their colleges in doing so. "At the slightest act of indiscipline on a bus, the recipient must stop at the police station nearest to report the case. It is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine. I appeal to all those who engage in indecent acts in public. The law will be uncompromising towards you, despite your age, and exemplary punishment, "revealed an officer of the National Transport Authority (NTA).

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