Friday, October 28, 2011

Mayotte: social conflict impact on the direct link for Air Austral


The direct connection between Mayotte and the Paris Air Austral was set up on October 30 was postponed a strike that prevented the necessary work.
It was one of paris Ethève Gerard, Director of Air Austral allow Mahorais to rally in Paris direct flight return, before any extension of the runway. But according to the company Reunion, the non-realization of "additional refurbishments and minor Pamandzi on Track" is involved.
The work of the company Colas had in fact started on October 1 and ends on the 20th of that month, "it was to strengthen the barrier that protects the mosque with the breath of the device," says the management of the Company Exploitation of the Airport Mayotte (SEAM), a subsidiary of Lavalin in April that killed the tender of 45 million euros for the construction of the new terminal Pamandzi. Without this protection, the pilot can not put full throttle and the machine can not take off with full of passengers or freight. The strike has disrupted the schedule and the direct line is extended in March 2012.
Another problem is "the speed of the residual breath passes over the barrier is required to less than 56 km / h by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). However, it is largely exceeded by the engine of the B777 200LR, "specializes in air links long distances.
The delay in the work is a big blow for Air Austral's all-seeing a commercial of the season revised and corrected, "we can see the direct link but we need visibility," explained Alain Abadie, secretary general of Air Austral . The forecast report in April will be held with a certainty of completion of works, several months ahead, "we can not sell the line at the last moment, with 362 seats to fill."
Gerard Ethève the director of the company was disappointed not to get tax exemption on its two Boeing, tax exemption subject to a commitment to continuity of the line over seven years, too risky for him. The current conflict has him right.
Source: News Malango

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