Friday, October 28, 2011

Plane land without front wheel:Miracle no one injured or death


A pilot of the airline Iran Air has managed to avoid a terrible accident by landing its Boeing 727 by just using the rear landing gear, the front wheels are blocked.
Flying a 727 with Boieng 113 passengers on board, he managed the feat of land his aircraft without its nose landing gear. Indeed, this plane was the link between Moscow Sheremetyevo and Imam Khomeini in Tehran had blocked the front wheels! It was at the time of landing, the crew found that received no indication of the output of the landing gear ...
The pilot decided not to land and to divert to the Mehrabad airport, a little further. After receiving confirmation from the control tower that the landing gear could not get out, it was decided to attempt an emergency landing without wheels before. And thanks to the control of the driver, everything was fine and the aircraft landed without a hitch. No passengers were injured and one can guess that they probably have applauded the captain.
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